These Are the Only Two Things You Need to Do to Eat Healthier

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Have you ever thought, “If only I could find out what it is I have to buy to get healthy and achieve my ideal weight?”

The health field serves up a new nutritional darling multiple times a year, each promising to be the magic bullet. Some of my favorites have had their moments: kale, quinoa, cauliflower, the list goes on... 2018’s lists include things like watermelon juice, kimchi and baby quinoa, which all sound delicious. Yet they also state that foods such as turmeric, almond flour and soy milk are “out”, which sounds... ridiculous.

If a food was truly healthy in 2017, how can it suddenly not be worth bothering with a year later? For one, I’m going to keep eating turmeric, because there are lots of good reasons to and I know there’s a difference between trendy ingredients and healthy ones. (Plus it makes my Moroccan Chickpea Couscous look so pretty.)

In fact, there is a BIG difference between trendy ingredients and healthy ones.

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Most likely, if you’re an adult who has attempted to reclaim your health and, perhaps, your college/wedding day/pre-baby weight, you have by now, no doubt, learned that one single item added to your shopping cart does not automatically make a healthy body.

But if you have really been searching and determined to get over your constant fatigue, tight pants, brain fog, high cholesterol or blood pressure, dull or broken out complexion and creeping suspicion that you are turning into your mother, you have probably at some point gotten so overwhelmed and frustrated by the never-ending stream of conflicting nutritional advice shared in the media that you have been tempted to say “@#*& it”. We all are going to die anyway, right?

Before you give up, here are the questions to consider:

Do you realize how much influence your choices can have over your health now -- and in the future?

By some studies, between 70% and 90% of the most common life-threatening diseases can be prevented by lifestyle choices, including what you eat.

In fact, 80% of heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be avoided by choices you make every day.

That’s a lot of power that you have!

Are you willing to claim that influence and make the most of it?

Let’s be clear on this: your behaviors will influence your health, it’s just a question of how. If you don’t claim your influence, others will.

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You will be influenced by advertising, trends, and even the federal government, thanks to the USDA.

Case in point: One of the USDA’s recent moves was to convince Pizza Hut to add 25% more cheese to its pizzas. This, despite the fact that cheese is the #1 source of saturated fat in the US diet, saturated fat is a leading cause of coronary artery disease and coronary artery disease is the #1 cause of death in the US. Not to mention that more fat and calories are just about the last thing people in a country where over 70% of the adult population is overweight or obese need! Really makes you wonder if you want them deciding what you should eat more of...

The good news is that truly healthy eating has little to do with health food trends. Trends, by nature, come and go. Good food is good for YOU.

The solution you’ve been looking for is simple.

There are only two things you need to do to eat healthier. Consistently. For a lifetime.

  1. Make choosing healthy options easier for yourself

  2. Make choosing unhealthy options harder for yourself

That’s it. Why? Because you’re busy, you get hungry. You don’t have time to reinvent the wheel every day. You are going to go with what’s easy.

And it’s not just you: Humans are “hardwired” to pick the easiest path possible. This is simply the way we are made.

Here’s the kicker: we live in a world where choosing the unhealthy option is almost always easier! (It’s not fair, I know.)

But this is not impossible to overcome. You can do it and if you want to create a lasting improvement in your life, you must find a better way for yourself.

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Until you make it easier for yourself to choose the healthy options and harder to choose the unhealthy options, you’re unlikely to make much progress over the long-term. You may be able to make valiant efforts in the short-term, but they won’t be sustainable, because they are just too difficult.

This two-part concept is simple, but there are many ways to apply it to your life, and exactly how you do it depends on YOUR life. What works for me, or your neighbor or some celebrity (definitely some celebrity) is not necessarily going to work for you.

A cookie cutter solution is not the answer.

A life where healthy eating is easier requires varying amounts of knowledge, know how, strategies and often the introduction of new options. Creating new healthy habits is the key to sustained success.

Figuring out what works for you and your family, replacing bad habits with good ones and then taking small steps to shift your behavior to create a life where healthy choices are easy, works and it’s exactly what I help my clients do.

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The greatest athletes in the world can’t reach their peak performance without a coach.

If you’re tired of settling for the way things are in your life and want to create a healthy life that’s totally do-able and delicious, schedule a free call with me today to see which of my coaching programs is best for you.


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