Vegetable Potage

Right now the weather is biting cold and it's harder to get my kids excited about salad. Sometimes cold weather just demands warming dishes. This one packs in a lot of veggies and really hits the spot. Here are a few other things I like about it: it requires no measuring, no peeling, no vegetable broth and can be ready in half an hour with very little hands on time. (Which leaves more time for snuggling by the fireplace.)

Eating cooked sweet vegetables like carrots, onions, cabbage and sweet potatoes can help curb sugar cravings, which is another good thing this time of the year when we are offered sugary treats every time we turn around.

I'm not telling you to literally clean out your fridge and put every leftover vegetable in there, but you can certainly go beyond the ones listed here. A sweet potato can be a nice addition. Or parsnip. Or rutabaga. Onions can sub for the leeks in a pinch. The recipe is pretty forgiving. This is the basic recipe, but you can also play with adding any fresh herbs that you may have, such as parsley, sage or thyme.

The one thing you don't want to do is add too much water. Make it thick and then thin it to your desired consistency. (Its very hard to do the other way around, trust me!) I like it almost like a porridge consistency and have been known to eat leftovers for breakfast! It freezes well and can taste even better the following day. Bon Appetit!

Vegetable Potage Serves 8

2 large russet potatoes 2 turnips 4 large carrots 1/2 head green cabbage 2 trimmed leeks 1 tsp salt pepper (to taste) extra virgin olive oil (optional) balsamic vinegar for garnish (optional)

Dice the potatoes and turnips into 1" cubes. Slice the carrots and shred the cabbage. Cut the leeks vertically and then into 1/4" wide slices.

Place all the vegetables and the salt into a large soup pot. Add 8 cups water. The water line should be a several inches below the vegetables, so use less if your veggies are small.

Bring to a boil and then cook on medium heat partially covered until all the vegetables are all tender.

Puree with an immersion blender or in batches in a blender, adding more water if necessary to reach desired consistency.

Add salt and pepper to taste. The soup should be thick and creamy, but if you desire a richer taste, mix in some olive oil. Garnish with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

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