I LOVE helping people change their health by improving their diets with more plant-based foods.

I work with people who aren't content to settle for the Standard American Diet and 

the health risks it carries, like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. They are ready for a new way of eating and a better way of living that improves how they feel today and their disease risk in the future.

Here are answers to some common questions:

How long have you been doing what you do and how did decide to create YourVeggieCoach?

I’ve been teaching and coaching clients through my business Tasty Healthy Happy, LLC since 2012.

Shortly after losing two family members to cancer and another to kidney and heart disease, I had my first child. In my efforts to discover how to prevent her from suffering the same fate, I discovered that between 70-90% of the most common causes of early death are caused by diet and lifestyle factors.

I wanted to help more people avoid the pain of losing a loved one way too young. While there was nothing I could do to make it possible for my Dad to ever meet his grandchildren, maybe I could potentially help other families avoid this heartache?

Then I learned something truly shocking: My children’s generation is the first generation predicted NOT to live as long as their parents -- and it’s due to the diet and lifestyle choices we are passing on to them! That sealed the deal. I could help my own children and help others.

With the increasing understanding of the power of a plant-based diet and the challenges involved with changing your diet – everything from the emotions involved in our food memories to the simple reliance on habit when it comes to our daily choices – I got my certifications as a Holistic Health Coach and a Natural Food Chef so I could have the skills needed to help people create real, lasting and powerful changes to the way they eat – while enjoying delicious food!

After graduation, I created my business, taught my first cooking class on a local farm, got a couple health coaching clients and haven’t looked back. Providing a way to enjoy healthy meals and create supportive habits for not just my own family, but my clients as well, has become one of my life’s greatest joys.

More recently, with the knowledge that a plant-based diet is especially powerful in the fight against heart disease, I have turned my focus to helping heart patients prevent and reverse their heart disease with a delicious whole foods, plant-based diet in my program 30 Days to a Healthier Heart.


How are you different from a dietician or nutritionist?

I won’t insist you follow the USDA’s my plate as a dietitian would. Especially if you are a heart patient, there is no evidence that the USDA's recommendations will help you get healthier. 

I can’t diagnose disease or prescribe medications. However, I do encourage clients to have a complete blood test to see if they are lacking any nutrients (especially D and iron) and get their doctor’s suggestions on vitamin and supplement dosages. For those transitioning to a completely plant-based diet, you will want to start taking a good B-12 supplement (as your doctor will certainly advise).

While the term nutritionist is not regulated like dietician, nutritionists have an education in nutrition science and can help clients in similar ways. Like a dietician, their primary focus is on your diet. They may or may not follow the USDA’s recommendations.

As a holistic health coach, I am also focused on helping you improve your diet and the number and quality of nutrients it contains, but my focus is not limited to what’s on your plate. I can help you improve your health by also helping you examine the effects your relationships, stress level, exercise and work and rest cycles have on your well-being. I will offer support and accountability to ensure your success. (I know lots of ways you can help yourself establish new habits, even if you haven’t been successful in the past!)


As a natural food chef, I can help you incorporate plant-based foods and recipes in your diet in a way that fits your tastes, family and commitments to improve your health, energy and appearance. This includes everything from checking your knife skills (most people hold their knife incorrectly) to what to stock in your pantry for easy meals to exactly how to prepare unfamiliar plant-based foods.


I specialize in helping clients transition from a standard American diet (S.A.D.) or an omnivorous diet toward a flexitarian, vegetarian or completely vegan (plant-based) diet. You set the goal and I help you get where you want to go at the pace that works for you. (I’m a big fan of taking it one step at a time.)

Who do you most effectively work best with?

I work best with people who want to feel better and be healthier NOW. They are tired of settling for the status quo and are ready to invest in their health. They know that by eating the way most people eat and living the way most people live they’re going to get sick like most people will (and already are!). They want to see what their life can feel like when they turn toward a plant-based diet and away from a S.A.D.

My clients realize that their health is their most valuable asset. If they have children, they also realize that the habits they pass down to their children can be either one of the greatest gifts they give them or the likely causes of their future health problems and shortened lives.


My clients are honest with themselves and willing to make changes. But they would sure would like it if this could be fun. (Did I mention in my younger days I performed stand up and sketch comedy? I believe laughter is very healthy!)

What type of person are your programs NOT going to work for?

If aren’t really willing to make changes and sincerely pursue a new way of eating, living and caring for your one and only body, then working with me won't work.  This requires a love and respect for yourself and an ability to make a commitment. You can be nervous, you can be scared of tofu (you don’t have to eat it!), but you have to be committed to yourself.

If you're not willing to go all in for 30 days. Think about how many months you've eaten. Are you willing to try something new for 1 month to see what kind of results you can get? If the answer is no, then I can't help you at this time. (But come on back when you're ready!)

Need the data to convince you? Download this PDF with links to studies showing you the power of a plant-based diet for all the most common lifestyle diseases.

What exactly is your approach and what does it include?

One on one support and a customization plan. I love helping people one on one and really getting to know them and understand their specific challenges, concerns, tastes and goals. The goal of each session and the support, guidance, resources and accountability I offer each of them is 100% customized to their lives. I recognize that every person is different.

If you're been referred to me by your doctor, we look at your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight and other numbers to see where you are starting from. Then we talk about your goals and the best way of eating to reach them. 

We look at time availability, relationships, work schedule, stress, sleep and exercise (among other factors) when changing your diet. I’ll support you in making changes to those as needed to maximize your success. (This is the “holistic” part of the health coaching, where we consider your life as a whole, not just your diet as something separate from the rest.)

Recipes chosen just for you and help in how to eat in restaurants too. As for recipes, I can adapt clients’ favorite recipes to be healthier, use my original recipes or my collection of 100+ plant-based cookbooks to find the perfect recipes for each client and their family. Don't like to cook?  I can help make it easier and give you guidance in making the best choices when you eat out too.

Does this really work?

Absolutely. But you don’t have to take it from me. Here’s what some of my clients’ have said about working with me. 

"Jen was definitely made to be a health coach. She is passionate about what she does, extremely knowledgeable and hard-working, and she truly just “gets it”. She’s a kind and caring person who genuinely wants to help her clients see success. I was impressed by how personal she made each call and email, and her breadth and depth of knowledge continually amazed me. She is personable and fun to talk to, and she knows how to strike a balance between being compassionate and giving me the little bit of tough love necessary to get over the next hurdle. I hung up after each call feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and ready to take on a new challenge. During the inevitable times when my resolve began to wane, Jen was always there checking in, urging me to keep my goals in mind. As a mother of young children herself, Jen really understood where I was coming from. She has a gift, and you will never look back if you commit to working with Jen!"  - Ali S.

"It was a wonderful journey to work with Jen. I learned so much along the way. She has so much knowledge about nutrition that she helped me assess what I was eating and make changes that have really benefited me. The recipes Jen gave me are used weekly, if not daily. I would recommend working with Jen to anyone who cares about their health and living a healthy lifestyle. It would be a great gift to give as well." - Judy C.


"I always hated to cook, but Jen taught me how to prepare good food. I enjoy cooking and look forward to making healthy recipes. My older son said that this food makes him feel like he is eating a clean, healthy diet -- not a lot of heavy fat and grease. My whole family has learned the benefits of eating in a healthy, holistic way. Thank you Jen!" - Deb H.


Based on everything I've read and heard about you, I know you're the one I want as my coach. How do I get started?

Please schedule a free call with me so you can tell me about your goals and  ask me any questions. I can verify that I can help you. (Otherwise, I won’t take your money!)

If I'm not sure I'm ready to get started, how can I sample your work to see if you’re the coach for me?

If you’re not sure that now is the time or I am the coach for you, you can:

  • Schedule a call with me to ask questions. Talking to me one on one is the best way to get a feel for what it would be like to have me as your coach.

  • Sign up for a free trial of my online course Green Your Plate, Change Your Life. It’s everything you need to know to improve your diet and health simply by enjoying more delicious leafy greens. (Greens are the color most lacking in the typical diet!)

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